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Tatouage FAQ

Tatouage is a high resolution dry rub transfer that can be applied to just about any hard surface. There is no paint, no glue, no water, no fumes and no mess? You simply decide where you want to apply the cut out the design, remove the protective <<

Can I put Tatouage on textured walls/surfaces?

Absolutely!! It works just as well as smooth surfaces. You just need to take your time to get it into all of the nooks and crannies. My own home has extremely textured walls and it worked beautifully. You may get a few hairline cracks here and there, but that just adds to the natural, hand-painted look.

Can I reuse my Tatouage?

Because Tatouage is a fine quality, high-resolution reproduction of my artwork, it is meant to permanently adhere to the surface for a "hand painted" look. It is not a stencil and cannot be reused.

Can I clean my Tatouage?

Yes. I recommend that you lightly wipe the artwork using a damp sponge if need be. Do not soak it if the design is not sealed. Treat your Tatouage as if it really were hand painted. Do not scrub it or use harsh chemical detergents.

When do I need to seal my Tatouage?

You should seal your Tatouage with several coats of clear acrylic spray when it is applied to semi-gloss surfaces, furniture, floors, floor canvases, high moisture areas or any generally high traffic area. You do not need to seal it when applied to walls that are painted with a low sheen paint.

How long will my Tatouage last?

Your Tatouage should last indefinitely if applied according to the directions. Remember that sealing it will prolong its durability.

Are there any surfaces that Tatouage is not intended for?

The main thing to keep in mind is that Tatouage is not waterproof. It should not be applied to sinks, toilets, showers, bathtubs, etc. It can be used on walls and tiles in bathrooms, but should be sealed to protect it from high humidity.

What is the best surface/paint to apply Tatouage to?

Tatouage will not stick to a high gloss paint. Tatouage is best when used on a flat or satin paint. If you have a semi-gloss or high-gloss paint try using the water/vinegar mix or using a light grain sandpaper to the surface you are applying the Tatouage to (make sure to wipe down your wall to remove the residue).

Can I put my Tatouage on mirrors and/or glass?

Yes, but because you cannot seal on mirrors and glass your Tatouage may not last forever. Be careful not to scrape the artwork and it should last for quite some time. I put it on a mirror in the bathroom 2 years ago and it still looks great!! No wear at all!

Can I put my Tatouage outdoors?

You can put your Tatouage outdoors, but should definitely put a good amount of outdoor polyurethane on it to protect it from the elements. Also, remember to clean the surface thoroughly before you apply the artwork.

Can I put Tatouage on top of my Tatouage?

Absolutely! I designed all of the artwork to be used either separately or together. I love to add flowers on top of the leaves, intertwine the vines with the wrought iron scroll or create any combination of looks. Layering the designs only adds to the look of realism. Use your imagination and create your own one of a kind mural!

What if I have trouble applying my Tatouage?

Tatouage should be a very simple process. If you find you are having trouble, wipe down your walls with a 70% Water, 30% Vinegar mix. This will not take off your paint.

How do I remove my Tatouage?

Again, treat your Tatouage is if it really were hand-painted. If you are changing your décor, simply paint right over it. If it is on a mirror or glass you can scrape it off or use nail polish remover. Another method that works is tape. Place the tape over the design, press firmly and try to pull it up with the tape.

Are there any other helpful hints for applying my Tatouage?

  • The main thing to remember before applying your artwork is to make sure the surface is CLEAN and DRY.
  • If you are applying it to Semi-gloss surfaces you may need to lightly sand the area or do a 70% water/30% vinegar mix and wash down the wall to give it something to adhere to.
  • Always READ the directions thoroughly before applying Tatouage.
  • Keep the <<
  • Take your time.
  • Have FUN!

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